How to choose a reduction gearbox


It can be said that choosing a reduction gearbox is a v […]

It can be said that choosing a reduction gearbox is a very troublesome thing. For different needs, customers can choose multiple types of reduction gearboxes. A wrong decision can lead to the purchase of an expensive reducer. The power transmission industry may need a reducer that supports overhanging loads. The motion control or servo industry needs a reduction gearbox that handles dynamic motion.

  The first problem is the size of the gearbox. It may be relatively simple to modify the size of the motor. At the same time, it may work normally with the corresponding gearbox. However, it may also require the purchase of a larger gearbox. For the application, the gearbox is a bit overkill. However, adjusting the size according to the load will ensure that the gear is more suitable for application scenarios. At the same time, it is more cost-effective. And save space as much as possible.
The general situation of the application:

  1. Use factor:

  Before determining the application, the customer should determine the use factor. Generally, the usage factor can be defined as the demand value of the application exceeding the rated value of the unit. The use coefficient should be determined according to the conditions of uneven load, use time, and elevated ambient temperature. How to explain the usage coefficient? A usage factor of 1.0 means that a unit is fully capable of handling applications. For additional requirements, there is no processing power, and this can cause overheating or damage. For most application industries, a usage factor of 1.4 is sufficient. This usage factor implies that the reduction gearbox can handle 1.4 times the environmental requirements. If the application requires 1000 inch-pounds, then the gearbox will be able to handle 1400 inch-pounds. In a specific application scenario, different factors affect the use coefficients differently.

   2. Ambient temperature and environment

  Higher ambient temperature increases the internal pressure, which will require an increase in the use factor. High or low temperatures may require different sealing materials and lubricating viscosities.

  The operating environment of the reduction gearbox is also an important consideration. The harsh environment will cause damage to the equipment. Dusty or dirty environments require special materials to prevent corrosion and bacteria. Video or beverage factories need specific paints and oils. The vacuum environment requires special grease and heat dissipation considerations, because there is no air to achieve the purpose of heat dissipation. If these environmental characteristics are not taken into consideration, the reducer will not be able to be fully applicable to this scenario. When choosing a gearbox, all factors need to be considered.

  3, impact load and load type

  High impact load will cause more wear on gears and bearings. If these factors are not considered when choosing, then these wear and tear will cause damage to the product. These loads will require an increase in the utilization factor. Uniform load is the load that remains constant in the application scenario, while non-uniform load refers to the load that changes during the application process. Non-uniform load, even a small change, will require a higher service factor than uniform load. An example of a uniform load is a conveyor belt, on which a fixed amount of product passes. Non-uniform load is any form of intermittent cutting. Intermittent cutting force will cause a periodic increase in torque, and this is a non-uniform load.

   4. Output style or mechanism

  The output mechanism includes sprockets, pulleys or gears. Different output configurations, such as dual output shafts or shafts fixed to the bushing, will reduce the cantilever load. Different output mechanisms will increase the different output loads that need to be considered. Most mechanisms will cause high radial loads, and gears like helical teeth will also cause axial loads. These outputs will require different bearings to account for the increased radial or axial load.

  5, output shaft and hollow hole size

  When determining the product, the size of the output shaft and the hole must meet the needs of the customer. These include stainless steel output, as well as whether it is a keyed or keyless shaft, a keyed or keyless hollow hole, or a flange output connected to any of the previous ones. Obtaining the correct hole size on the unit will require the customer to purchase a larger or differently shaped reduction gear box to fit the current shaft. In some cases, customers can modify their axis to use the most economical unit. At the same time, this also provides an optimal solution.

  6, shell style

   When choosing a reduction gearbox, it is also very important to consider how it is installed. A unit may have fixed feet, a flange on the output shaft, or just one or more screw holes. These enclosure styles may limit how a unit can be installed. So different options will limit the need for custom frames and brackets. For example, a screw hole on the bottom surface of the motor will restrict it, a special L-shaped bracket installed around the output.


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