ADH-III harmonic gearbox Factory

ADH-III harmonic gearbox

ADH-III harmonic gearbox

Item No.: ADH-14/17/20/25/32/40-III

hollow shaft harmonic drive popular used on CNC machine, industry robot.

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Product Details

ADH-III:A combination product with large diameter hollow hole, flat shape, which is easy to operate


ADHN-III: Light weight products,20% lighter than standard products-ADH-III


ADHG-III: High torque, Compare with standard products, ADHG series torque capacity is 30% higher. And the service lifeincrease 43%. with high load capacity and high reliability






Model Reduction ratio Rated toraue at 2000r/min input Permissible peak torque at start and stop Permissible maximum value for average load torque Permissible maximum momentary torque Permissible maximum input rotational speed(Grease) Permissible average input rotational speed(Greaae) Backlash Desian life
Nm kgfm Nm kgfm Nm kgfm Nm kgfm r/min r/min Arc sec Hour
14 50 5.4 0.55 18 1.8 6.9 0.70  35 3.6 8500 3500 ≤20 10000
80 7.8 0.80  23 2.4 11 1.1 47 4.8 15000
100 7.8 0.80  28 2.9 11 1.1 54 5.5 15000
120 7.8 0.80  28 2.9 11 1.1 54 5.5 15000
17 50 16 1.6 34 3.5 26 2.6 70 7.1 7300 3500 ≤20 10000
80 22 2.2 43 4.4 27 2.7 87 8.9 15000
100 24 2.4 54 5.5 39 4.0  110 11 15000
120 24 2.4 54 5.5 39 4.0  86 8.8 15000
20 50 25 2.5 56 5.7 34 3.5 98 10 6500 3500 ≤20 10000
80 34 3.5 74 7.5 47 4.8 127 13 15000
100 40 4.1 82 8.4 49 5.0  147 15 15000
120 40 4.1 87 8.9 49 5.0  147 15 15000
160 40 4.1 92 9.4 49 5.0  147 15 15000
25 50 39 4.0  98 10 55 5.6 186 19 5600 3500 ≤20 10000
80 63 6.4 137 14 87 8.9 255 26 15000
100 67 6.8 157 16 108 11 284 29 15000
120 67 6.8 167 17 108 11 304 31 15000
32 50 76 7.8 216 22 108 11 382 39 4800 3500 ≤20 10000
80 118 12 304 31 167 17 568 58 15000
100 137 14 333 34 216 22 647 66 15000
120 137 14 353 36 216 22 686 70 15000
40 50 137 14 402 41 196 20 686 70 4000 3000 ≤20 10000
80 206 21 519 53 284 29 980 100 15000
100 265 27 568 58 372 38 1080 110 15000
120 294 30 617 63 451 46 1180 120 15000



















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Industry Knowledge Expansion
1.Revolutionizing Gearbox Technology
In the world of machinery and mechanical engineering, the quest for precision and efficiency is unending. The ADH-III Harmonic Gearbox is a remarkable innovation that has taken this pursuit to the next level. 
The Birth of a Game-Changer
The ADH-III Harmonic Gearbox is the culmination of years of research and development in the field of gearbox technology. It builds upon the foundation of its predecessor, the ADH-II, with an array of improvements that make it a true game-changer. This innovative device combines high precision, compact design, and exceptional efficiency, making it a versatile and indispensable component for a wide range of applications.
The development of the ADH-III began with the recognition of a need for an even more precise and efficient harmonic gearbox. The ADH-II, while a significant advancement, had certain limitations that demanded further innovation. Engineers and researchers at Zhejiang Qiyue Mechanical Technology Co.,ltd. , the manufacturer of the ADH-III, set out to address these challenges and create a gearbox that would surpass its predecessor in terms of performance, versatility, and reliability.
One of the key improvements in the ADH-III was its enhanced harmonic drive principle. The flexible spline and wave generator mechanism were further refined to reduce backlash to an absolute minimum. This innovation made it possible to achieve unprecedented levels of precision, making the ADH-III suitable for applications where accuracy is critical.
Moreover, the ADH-III's compact design, although based on the same principle as the ADH-II, underwent a complete overhaul. This redesign resulted in a smaller and lighter gearbox, without compromising its performance. The reduced size and weight opened up new possibilities for applications in industries where space and weight constraints are paramount, such as aerospace and medical equipment.
The development process also placed a strong emphasis on achieving exceptional efficiency. The engineers behind the ADH-III focused on reducing energy waste during operation, ensuring that the gearbox not only met performance requirements but also contributed to energy-saving initiatives in various industries.

2.Unpacking the ADH-III Technology
To truly appreciate the significance of the ADH-III Harmonic Gearbox, it's essential to understand the core technology that powers it. 
Harmonic Drive Principle
At the heart of the ADH-III is the harmonic drive principle. This ingenious mechanism employs a flexible spline and a wave generator to produce high gear reduction ratios with remarkable precision and minimal backlash. The result is a gearbox that excels in applications requiring accurate and repeatable positioning, such as robotics, automation, and aerospace.
The harmonic drive principle, which is the backbone of the ADH-III, is a masterpiece of mechanical engineering. It works by utilizing the elasticity of materials to achieve gear reduction. The flexible spline and wave generator are two crucial components in this system.
For example, in robotics, the ADH-III's application is particularly noteworthy. Robotic arms, whether used in manufacturing, medical procedures, or space exploration, require precise and repeatable motion. The harmonic drive mechanism in the ADH-III ensures that the robotic arm can move with incredible accuracy, making it suitable for tasks like delicate surgeries or assembling intricate electronic components.
The low backlash in the ADH-III is especially valuable in situations where reversibility is critical. In a robotics context, when the robotic arm needs to move backward with minimal error, the low backlash of the ADH-III ensures that the arm can precisely retrace its steps.
Compact and Lightweight Design
The ADH-III sets new standards in terms of size and weight. Its compact design allows for seamless integration into tight spaces, making it a top choice for applications where space is at a premium. Additionally, its lightweight construction reduces the overall weight of the machinery, making it an excellent choice for applications that require mobility and energy efficiency.
In applications like aerospace, where every ounce of weight saved translates to fuel savings and increased payload capacity, the ADH-III's lightweight design is a game-changer. For instance, in satellite positioning systems, where precision and weight constraints are paramount, the ADH-III ensures that the system's moving parts can be both accurate and efficient.
The compact design also lends itself well to medical equipment. In magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) machines, for example, the ADH-III's small footprint allows for the creation of more patient-friendly and less claustrophobic machines. Patients benefit from shorter scan times and a more comfortable experience, all thanks to the compact and lightweight ADH-III gearbox at the core of the MRI machine.
Exceptional Efficiency
Efficiency is a critical factor in any mechanical system. The ADH-III boasts impressive efficiency levels, ensuring that minimal energy is wasted during operation. This not only reduces operational costs but also contributes to sustainability efforts in industries where energy efficiency is a primary concern.
In industrial automation, the ADH-III's efficiency is a crucial asset. Consider a manufacturing line that requires precise and rapid movements of robotic arms to assemble products. The high efficiency of the ADH-III ensures that each motion consumes the least amount of energy, leading to lower operational costs and reduced environmental impact.
Furthermore, in green energy applications, such as solar tracking systems, the ADH-III's efficiency is essential. Solar panels that follow the sun's path throughout the day to maximize energy capture rely on highly efficient gearboxes to reduce the energy required for tracking. The ADH-III plays a vital role in these systems by ensuring that solar tracking is both accurate and energy-efficient.

3.Applications Across Industries
The versatility and precision of the ADH-III Harmonic Gearbox make it suitable for a wide range of industries. 
Robotics and Automation
In the world of robotics and automation, precision and reliability are paramount. The ADH-III is a perfect fit for these applications, ensuring that robotic arms, automated machinery, and industrial automation systems can perform tasks with pinpoint accuracy.
The applications of the ADH-III in robotics and automation are numerous and varied. For example, in the automotive industry, where robots assemble intricate components in vehicles, the ADH-III's precision ensures that every part fits perfectly. In semiconductor manufacturing, where tiny, delicate components are placed with nanometer-level precision, the ADH-III guarantees that the machinery operates flawlessly.
Moreover, the versatility of the ADH-III makes it adaptable to a wide range of robotic platforms, from multi-axis arms to autonomous vehicles. Its compatibility with various motor types and control systems allows engineers to implement it seamlessly into different robotic applications.
Aerospace and Defense
The aerospace and defense sectors demand cutting-edge technology that can withstand extreme conditions. The ADH-III's compact design, low weight, and high precision make it ideal for applications such as satellite positioning systems and missile guidance systems.
In the aerospace industry, the ADH-III plays a pivotal role in satellite systems. Satellites require extremely accurate pointing and tracking systems to communicate with Earth and perform scientific observations. The ADH-III's precision ensures that these systems can lock onto specific targets, even when positioned in the vacuum of space.
For missile guidance systems, the ADH-III is critical in ensuring the missile follows its intended trajectory. The low weight of the gearbox contributes to the overall weight reduction of the missile, allowing for greater range and payload capacity. This can be a decisive factor in military operations.
Medical Equipment
In the medical field, where precision can be a matter of life and death, the ADH-III Harmonic Gearbox finds applications in diagnostic equipment, surgical robots, and more. Its reliability and accuracy contribute to improved patient care and outcomes.
One of the most notable applications in the medical field is in robotic-assisted surgery. Surgical robots, like the da Vinci Surgical System, rely on high-precision components like the ADH-III for minimally invasive procedures. Surgeons can perform complex surgeries with enhanced dexterity and precision, reducing patient recovery time and minimizing scarring.
In diagnostic equipment, such as medical imaging devices, the ADH-III ensures that imaging is clear and accurate. Whether it's a CT scanner, an ultrasound machine, or a gamma camera, the gearbox plays a vital role in positioning and stabilizing critical components, leading to more accurate diagnoses.
The ADH-III Harmonic Gearbox represents a significant leap in gearbox technology, offering unprecedented precision and efficiency. Its innovative design, compact size, and application versatility make it a valuable asset in various industries, from robotics and aerospace to medical equipment. As technology continues to evolve, the ADH-III is sure to play a pivotal role in shaping the future of mechanical engineering. This extraordinary gearbox has set a new standard for precision and efficiency, ensuring that industries across the board can benefit from its remarkable capabilities.
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